Huge Flowered Daylilies

Huge daylily (Hemerocallis) flowers are 8 inches in diameter or larger.   These enormous flowers will make a startling and interesting additions to your garden. The huge daylilies listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other huge flowers.We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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Huge Flowered Daylilies

  BARUCH (Harris) 32", D., M., 8" (T)                                          $10.00

Gorgeous bright yellow flower with green throat.  A showpiece of large size with wide petals.  Extended blooming.  H. M. Award.

Baruch.jpg (31340 bytes)

  CHICAGO STAR (Marsh) 26", S.Ev., M., 8" (T)                      $12.00

Huge bright yellow flower with impeccable form.  A super daylily.  H.M. Award.

Chicago Star.jpg (34142 bytes)

  COLLEGE COLORS (Webster) 28", D., E.M., 8" (T)                $15.00

Large purple flower, fragrant and nocturnal.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

College_Colors.jpg (4775 bytes)

  CREAM GIANT (Lankart) 20", S.Ev., E.M., 8"                           $10.00

Huge cream-yellow daylily with spidery star-shaped open form on short stalks.

Cream_Giant.jpg (5025 bytes)

  DECATUR FORTUNE TELLER (Davidson-Kloman) 20",D., M.,E.M., 8" (T)                                                                                                            $12.00

Very showy, well branched, pale pink-lavender flower with gold edge on petals.  Opens to a yellow-green throat.

Decatur Fortuneteller.jpg (30653 bytes)

  DORIS CAREY (Bennett) 38", D., M.L., 9" (T)                         $15.00

Very large and tall, rose self with peach tones showing over a green throat.  Good color for its season.  Very fragrant.  H. M. Award.

Doris_Carey.jpg (4844 bytes)

  ERIN FARMER (Childs) 36", D., M.                                                     $12.00

Huge light pink blend with extra heavy substance. Fragrant. H.M. Award. Very limited.

  HERMOSA (Kraus) 35", Ev., M.                                                            $12.00

Bold, enormous wide petalled saffron yellow with rich green throat. Petals slightly crinkled.

  HERNANDO STAR (Bolin) 32", S.Ev., M., 8"                              $12.00

Large deep golden yellow daylily.   Nice form.

  HUDSON VALLEY (Peck) 26", D., M., 8 1/2" (T)                    $12.00

Massive greenish-yellow flower.   Huge size and glistening color demands attention. H.M. and A.M. Awards.

  KING SIZE (King) 36", S.Ev., E.                                                        $10.00

Very large yellow bitone with faint yellow-brown dusting on edge of petals with green throat.  Among the finest large early yellows.  Excellent substance and spider-like form make this a top quality daylily. Limited.

King_Size.jpg (5438 bytes)

  MONSTER (Pettus) 32", D., M., 9" (T)                                   $12.00

Huge spider that is a yellow blend with faint mahogany edging and green throat.  Size and slight fragrance makes this huge daylily rather special. Limited.

  OUTRAGEOUS RAMONA (N. Barth) 32", D., M.L., 9" (T)     $18.00

This huge eye-catching flower is a bronze-banded bi-tone of yellow and light bronze with a strong yellow throat.  Petals have light ruffling and a raised white midrib.   This strong growing spider variant is a colorful addition to thelate summer garden.

  PALMISTRY (Sobek) 36", D., M.L, 8.5" (T)                             $25.00

An enormous yellow daylily with green infusions and a green throat.  This flower's size, open form and color create a real sensation in the garden.  Limited.

Palmistry.jpg (5398 bytes)

  PEMAQUID LIGHT (Barth) 36", S.Ev., M.L., 8" (T)               $18.00

Huge, lemon-gold flower with wide petals and green-gold throat.  Good branching and fragrance adds to its appeal.   Extended bloomer. Limited.

Pemaquid_Light.jpg (4301 bytes)

  RED SUSPENDERS (Webster) 32", D., M., 11" (T)                  $30.00

Beautiful red spider with yellow throat.  Fragrant.  Among the largest daylilies we grow.  Limited

Red_Suspenders.jpg (4605 bytes)

  ROYAL DIVIDEND (Stevens) 26", D., M., 8" (T)                       $15.00

Intense lemon-yellow flower with a green-yellow throat.  Fragrant. Outstanding.  J. C. Award.

Royal Dividend.jpg (29183 bytes)

  SHOLA (Hawkins) 28", D., M., 8" (T)                                            $10.00

Huge, burnished coppe-bronze blend with ruffled yellow edging, pale yellow center and very heavy substance.  Extended blooming.   Reblooms.

Shola.jpg (6376 bytes)

  YELLOW PINWHEEL (Stevens) 32", D., M.L., 8" (T)                $15.00

Huge flower on tall stalks.   Bright lemon-yellow self with greenish throat.  Very fragrant with long bloom season.  Extraordinary; one of the largest and most impressive flowers in the late garden.   Start blooming in the late mid season and doesn't stop until winter.

  YELLOW RIBBON (Kraus) 32", D., M.                                          $12.00

Huge canary yellow with long spidery petals.  Very limited.

We are building stock on the following Huge flowered daylilies (Hemerocallis), and they will be available in future years:  Amnor; Barnabas; Ben Arthur Davis; Big League;  Big Show; Carolicollosal; Exalted Ruler; Greenwood; Lydia Bechtold; Marse Connell; Moonlight Mischief; Number One Son; Parade of Peacocks; Peacock Maiden; Pink Super Spider; Regal Red; Risen Star; Rob Cobb; Ron Dunn; Sammy; Spider Breeder; Sun and Snow; and Yellow Jewel.   


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