Lavender, Purple & Mauve Flowered Daylilies 

The daylilies with lavender, purple and mauve flowers that are listed below are in good supply. We have smaller numbers of many other lavender, purple and mauve flowered daylilies. We ship healthy double-fan divisions or clumps (4-5 fans), unless other-wise indicated. Occasionally, low stock varieties and some new introductions will be shipped as single fans. Our guarantee still applies.

Abbreviations used, in sequence:

4"  - Flower size

D. - Dormant (foliage goes totally brown in early winter)

Ex.E - Extra early blooming

M.L. - Late midseason

(CL) - 4-5 fans

S.Ev. - Semi-evergreen ( may retain a small portion of green foliage during winter)

E. - Early blooming

H. M. - Honorable Mention

(T) - Tetraploid

Ev. - Evergreen ( reacts the same as Semi-evergreen here in the North)

E.M. - Early midseason

J. C. - Junior Citation of American Hemerocallis Society

35" - Flower scape height

M. - Midseason

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Lavender, Purple and Mauve Daylilies A to L

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    ADDIE BRANCH SMITH (Henry) 24", D., M., 4"                 $10.00

Exceptional pale lavender-rose with deep purple halo and purple eyezone and green throat. Beautiful foliage on this extended bloomer.

  ADVANCE PARTY (Stamile) 26", Ex.E., 7 " (T)                   $15.00

Large ruffled lavender-mauve flower with a paler pink eyezone and a yellow-green throat. Fragrant and reblooms. No Photograph.


  ALPINE RHAPSODY (Hudson) 20", S.Ev., M., 3 1/2"         $10.00

Lovely, small lavender-mauve flower with plum-purple eyezone.  Contrasting chartreuse green throat is very interesting. 

  APOLLODORUS (Munson) 28", Ev., M.L., 4 1/2" (T)           $15.00

Violet-purple self with cream-yellow throat.   H. M. Award.  Reblooms. 

  APRES MOI (Lambert) 30", D., Ex.E.                                       $12.00

Large, fragrant violet self with light midrib over a green throat. 

    ASIAN ARTISTRY (Munson) 26", Ev., M., 4 1/2" (T)     $12.00

Fragrant, round, ruffled mauve-lavender flower with chalky lavender band and green throat.  Fragrant and reblooms.  J.C. and H.M. Awards.  

  ATLANTA SUPER STAR (Petree) 25", Ev., M, 6" (T)         $15.00  

Lovely, lavender flower with cream-green throat.  Limited. 

  BAGUETTE (Russell) 30 ", D., E.M., 4.5"                                 $10.00

Softly recurved, bi-ton blooms are rose-lavender and lemon yellow. The delicately-ruffled rose-lavender petals have wide, cream midribs and pencil line edging, and slightly deeper lavender-wine eyezone, with the sepals being a slightly-corduroy-textured lemon-yellow. Yellow gold stamens emerge from a chartreuse heart that transitions upward into a large sunburst gold throat. Bright yellow and red bi-tone with prominent midribs. Extended blooming. Award of Merit and Honorable Mention.

  BAJAMAR (Peck) 28", D., M., 6" (T)                                      $15.00

  Lavender self with green-yellow throat.  Limited.

  BARBARY CORSAIR (Salter) 16", S.Ev., M., 3"                    $12.00 

A delightful violet-plum gem with a lime-green throat.  Reblooms.  J.C. Award.   Very limited.

  BEJEWELED ( Childs) 28", D., M.                                              $10.00

Beautiful grape shade with flaring white halo above a green-yellow throat. H.M. Award. 

  BELA LUGOSI (Hanson) 33", S.Ev., M., 6"                                 $15.00

Outstanding award winning deep purple flower with green throat. Honorable Mention and Award of Merit Awards.

  BETTY BARNES (Stutson) 24", S.Ev., E.M., 6"                         $10.00

Wide flat, deep lavender flower with showy green throat.  Large and fragrant extended bloomer.   J.C. and H.M. Awards. 

  BLOND BABY (Warner) 20", D., E.M., 3 1/2" (T)                 $10.00

Cream blend with lavender markings and green throat. Reblooms. 

  BLUE NILE (Hite) 18", D., M., 6" (T)                                        $12.00

Very pretty near-blue lavender with chartreuse throat.  Low growing and very showy.

  BLUEBERRY BREAKFAST ( Rose) 22", D., M., 5 "          $18.00

Slate lavender with wide magenta-purple midribs and deep purple eyezone above a green throat. Sepals are the same color as the eye. Overall petals have that blue "bloom" similar to blueberries. 

  CHICAGO BOUNTIFUL (Marsh) 20", S.Ev., E.M., 5 1/2" (T) $10.00

Light purple flower with deeper purple eyezone and green throat.  Limited. 

  CHICAGO MIST (Marsh) 25", S.Ev., M., 5 1/4" (T)            $10.00

Diamond dusted, light lavender with green throat that flares widely.  Really fine soft color.

    CHICAGO QUEEN (Marsh) 28", S.Ev., E.M., 6"                  $12.00

Large, heavily ruffled bluish lavender with purple eyezone and green throat.  Marvelous form and size. H.M. Award. 

  CHICAGO ROYAL (Marsh) 24", S.Ev., M., 7" (T)               $12.00

Fragrant purple bitone with green throat. Large flower. H.M. Award. Limited.

  CHICAGO SILVER (Marsh) 30" S.Ev., M., 6" (T)                   $12.00

Unusual white edging around ruffled purple petals. Darker eyezone and green throat. H.M. Award.

    CINDY'S LACE (Lachman) 26", D., E.M., 4 1/2"                $18.00

White ruffles edge this refined lavender and pink bi-color flower.  Complimentary light lavender sepals, white midribs, and a yellow-green throat enhance the form.  Makes a distinctive garden display.   

  COLLEGE COLORS (Webster) 28", D., E.M., 8" (T)            $15.00

Large purple flower, fragrant and nocturnal.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

    COUNTY DOWN (Moldovan) 22", D., E., 5" (T)                 $15.00

Blue lavender and lavender-pink bitone with cream-green throat. Fragrant and reblooms.  Extended blooming.  Very limited. 

  DAMASCENS VELVET (Munson) 20", D., M.L, 6" (T)         $15.00

Purple with chalky lavender-purple eyezone and cream throat. 

  DARIUS (Harris) 22", D., M., 4 1/2", (T)                              $10.00

Beautiful, low growing purple with darker violet eyezone and green throat. Outstanding foliage for the garden.  J.C. Award. 

  DARK STAR (Connell) 32", Ev., E.M., 7"                                $10.00

Startlingly different, seven-inch stars of deep blue purple. A unique, almost spider variety. Limited.  

  DECATUR FORTUNE TELLER (Davidson-Kloman) 20",  D., E.M.,

           8" (T)                                                                                           $12.00

Very showy, well branched, pale pink-lavender flower with gold edge on petals.  Opens to a yellow-green throat. 

  DECATUR JEWEL (Davidson) 24", D., E.M., 4"                         $10.00

Dainty lavender-pink bi-tone with yellow-green throat. Beautiful extended bloomer.  

  DECATUR LUMINARIA (Davidson) 30", D., M., 5 1/2" (T) $12.00

Extraordinary purple watermark sets off a beautiful lavender-pink polychrome with a yellow- green throat. Very showy and striking extended bloomer. A favorite here. 

  DECATUR PRINCE (Davidson) 27", D., E.M., 5 1/2" (T)   $10.00

Fine lavender pink with plum-purple eyezone and yellow-green throat.  Extended blooming.  

  DECATUR STIMULATOR (Davidson) 28", D., M.L., 6" (T)$12.00

Cream and lavender-pink blend with cream throat.  Extended blooming. 

  DELICATE CHILD (Simon) 28", D., E.M.                                     $10.00

Palest orchid with darker eyezone and a very green throat. Heavily branched showy small flower.

  DOROTHY LAMBERT (Lambert) 32", Ev., E.M., 6"                $8.00

Pink with bluish-mauve eyezone and pale-yellow throat.  Striking color combination.  H.M. and A.M. Awards. Very limited.

  DOUBLE PASSION (Brown) 25", Ev., E., 6"                             $12.00

Large lavender-pink double with flaring double center and glowing gold throat. 

  DULCIANA (Griesbach-Hardy) 22", D., M., 6" (T)              $10.00

Large lavender-rose flower with wide open flaring form and yellow-green throat.  Reblooms. Clumps.

  ELEGANT FINALE (Stamile) 28", D., V.L., 6"                         $18.00

Pastel orchid with deep orchid eyezone and green throat.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

  ELLA THOMAS RIGGINS (Cunningham) 18", D., M., 3 1/2"


Light-lavender self with yellow-green throat. Good performer of excellent proportions. Limited.

  ELVES' WINE (Hudson) 21", D., M.L.                                      $10.00

Small, burgundy-plum flower marked with lighter plum eye.  Delightful rich look.

  EXOTIC DANCER (Webster) 28", D., M., 7 1/2" (T)          $20.00 

Wine-purple flower with green throat.  Fragrant and nocturnal.  Extended bloomer. Very limited.

  FAIR PLAY (Peck) 26", D, M.L., 7 1/4" (T)                           $15.00

Large vibrant wine-purple flower with petals and sepals edged in ivory on well branched scapes.  A late season beauty. 

  FALL FAREWELL (Peck) 27", D., L., 7 1/2" (T)                 $18.00

Lavender self with green-yellow throat.  Extended blooming.  Limited.

  FINAL TOUCH (Apps) 32", D., L., 4 3/4"                              $15.00

A fragrant pink and lavender bicolor with a bright throat.  Steadily produces flowers until frost. 

  FRANCIS HUGHES (Hite) 29", D., M., 6" (T)                       $10.00

Purple-polychrome daylily with watermark eyezone and chartreuse throat.

  FUCHSIA DREAM (Kirby) 28", D., M.L., 7 1/2"              $15.00

Fuchsia-purple daylily with a cream throat.  Fragrant and extended blooming.  Reblooms.

  GRAPE ARBOR (Maxwell) 32", D, E.M., 6"                          $10.00

Large, grape purple with white midribs.  One of the best in this color.  Quality extended bloomer.  Reblooms.   

  GRAPE HARVEST (Moldovan) 29", D., E. (T)                     $10.00

Deep rosy-purple flower with darker purple eyezone and pale-yellow throat.  Very showy and fine parent for purples. 

  GRAPE ICE (Childs) 36", D., M., 6"                                          $10.00

Fine blue-lavender flower with very green throat. Distinctive and especially beautiful.   Extended blooming.  Reblooms.  J.C. and H.M. Awards. 

  GRAPE MAGIC (Ater) 20", D., M.L., 4"                                   $10.00

Grape-purple daylily with purple eyezone and yellow throat.  Extended blooming.  Reblooms.

  GYPSY DREAM (Cruse) 18", S.Ev., E.M., 3 1/2"                   $8.00

Fine, pony-sized, mauve lavender with striking purple eyezone and green throat.

  HAMLET (Talbott) 18", D., E.M., 4"                                      $12.00

Round, clear grape-purple flower with dark blue-purple halo and green throat. Fragrant and sunfast. Extended blooming.  J.C. Award.

  HAWAIIAN NIGHTS (Pierce) 26", Ev., Ex.E., 5 1/2"       $18.00

Purple daylily with black eyezone.  Fragrant, nocturnal and extended blooming. Limited.

  HOUDINI (Moldovan) 24", D., M.L., 5 1/2"                       $12.00

          Violet with cream eyezone.  Extended blooming. 

  HOWDY (Bremken-Armstrong) 40", D., M.                      $12.00

Classic bicolor with clear tailored yellow petals and deep orchid-wine sepals.  Very striking color combination on this spider-like flower.  H.M. Award. 

  IRIDESCENT JEWELL (Hite) 27", D., M., 5 1/2" (T)         $15.00

Lavender daylily with a green throat.

  JAPANESE ROYAL (Munson) 30", Ev., M., 5" (T)              $12.00

Wide flat opening grape-purple flower with yellow throat.  Fine purple that reblooms.  J. C. and H.M. Awards 

  JESSICA LILLIAN (Childs) 26", D., E.M., 6 1/2"                 $18.00

Purple with darker eyezone and green throat.  Extended blooming.  Reblooms.  J.C. Award.

  JOANNA NATASHA (Barth) 28", D., E.M., 6" (T)              $12.00

Large, ruffled deep purple with contrasting green-yellow throat.  Very fine strong dark color.   Extended blooming.  Limited. 

  JOYFUL JOURNEY (Maxwell) 24", S.Ev., E.M., 7"                $10.00

Large, light lavender self with a green throat. Light fragrance and occasional rebloom. Extended blooming.

  JUDY DAVIDSON (Davidson) 26", D., M., 5 1/2"  (T)      $12.00

Light-lavender blend with medium-lavender halo and golden-yellow throat.  Extended blooming.

  KINGS THRONE (Moldovan) 26", S.Ev., M. (T)                  $10.00

Vigorous, large lavender-orchid bitone with darker eyezone. Well branched with good bud count.  

  LADY LIZ (Lachman) 30", D., M.L., 6 1/2"   (T)                $18.00

Lavender-pink flower with white halo and pale-lime throat.  Unique bright light violet margin around large near white center. Ruffled, large and beautifully formed. Very special.  Limited.

  LADY MARY MONTAGUE (Wynne) 26", D., E.M., 6 1/2"    $10.00

Splendid color combination of bluish mauve with lemon-yellow eyezone and very green throat.  Reblooms.  A favorite here,  H.M. Award.  

  LAVENDER ILLUSION (Durio) 30", S.Ev., M., 6"                  $12.00

Showy, large lavender-pink daylily with very green throat.  Ruffles and mild fragrance.  Reblooms.   H.M. Award. 

  LILAC SNOW (Munson) 28", S.Ev., M., 6" (T)                     $12.00

Pale lilac-cream flower with cream-green throat. Fragrant.  Vigorous and reblooms. J.C. and H.M. Awards.   

  LITTLE DANDY (Hughes) 16", S. Ev., E.M., 2 1/2"               $8.00

Almost black, dark red-purple miniature. Unique color and beautiful dark foliage. 

  LITTLE FANTASTIC (Cunningham) 20", S.Ev., E.M, 3"      $8.00

Good branching gives this beautiful raspberry-pink miniature a profusion of blooms. Flower is nicely veined and recurved. Long season.  J.C. and H.M. Awards. 

  LITTLE GRAPETTE (Williamson) 12", S.Ev., E., 2"            $12.00

Tiny miniature, low and beautifully ruffled, purple self with darker eye. One of the finest miniatures.

  LITTLE GYPSY MAN (Cruse) 18", S.Ev., E.M., 3"                $10.00

Soft purple miniature with a green throat.  Limited

  LITTLE MISSY (Cruse) 16", S.Ev., E.M., 2 3/4"                    $8.00

Purple blooms with a deeper purple eye and white edges over a green throat. 

  LITTLE WART (Spalding) 24", D., M., 3 1/4"                      $8.00

Small deep lavender-purple flower of outstanding quality. Fragrant and extended blooming.   Unique color.  H.M. and A.M. and Giles Awards. 

  LITTLE WINE CUP (Carter-Powell) 20", D., E., 2"         $10.00

Reblooming, pretty wine-purple colored miniature with a contrasting green throat. Reblooms.

  LOISTEEN KIRKMAN (Peck) 27", D., M., 6"  (T)                $10.00

Sunfast, dark blue-purple flower with deep green throat.  Round and overlapping segments.  Quality Peck purple.  H.M. Award. Limited.

  LORD JEFFREY AMHERST (Lachman) 24", D., E.M., 5 3/4" (T)


Spectacular, very deep rich purple with contrasting white-picotee edge on wide petals and sepals.  Fine green throat.  A true showpiece.  Very limited.

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