He Brought Joy To All He Met

We Miss Him!


February 5, 2006 - March 31, 2018




Was that a "Rabbit" I just saw? Please, please, I am a very good dog.
Okay, I'll sit down here and let you pet me. Warren wants you to think it was my idea to get up on this bench and pose with this daylily. Um, it does smell good.
Everyone's paying attention to the garden talk and not me. I think I'll head across the field to Brady's house. It's dull around here and maybe there is something fun happening there.
They think this big pot can hold me! The poster boy for spring in the Providence Journal. What's a samba?
I do love bath time. Wasn't I the most adorable baby?


Some Tributes
I'm so sorry to hear about Fletcher. He was such a good and loyal boy! Oh that is a lovely tribute on your web page - so cute as a puppy, and later a photogenic and handsome guy! I hope you both can take some comfort in knowing that you both gave him such a wonderful and free life, spending most of his time out of doors in beautiful surroundings and close to nature. I can't imagine a better life for any dog.  The loss of a pet is the loss of a beloved family member. I hope he rests in peace and is now free from pain.   (Gale H., Fletcher's next door neighbor for 12 years)
He was a great dog. At least he's at peace now, for what comfort it's worth. And if it's true that all dogs go to heaven (I certainly like to think it is), I'm sure he's having a great romp up there and feeling like a puppy again. (Ben P., former employee, who spent three summer's working while Fletcher supervised.)
Fletcher was one of a kind and a light to all who met him. I will miss his company and his joyful greetings. He will never be forgotten (Casey D. - nursery employee and the one who looked after him whenever we were away.)
I'm so sorry. We will miss him. (Bruce C. - Brady's dad, the golden retriever next door at the nursery)
What a good guy he was - he just had his very own spirit! And you did every single thing you could to keep him happy until the end.  (Diane S. - friend)
Fletcher was like no other dog. Every time I'd drive up this gentle lord of the manor greeted and welcomed me and then off he'd go to take care of something else. The wonderful photos you put together with such sweet captions made me happy and sad at the same time. The loss of your constant companion is heart-breaking. (Virginia S. - Nursery customer and friend)


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